To code with Python in 3 steps

There’s loads of resources on the net for learning to code with Python. These three are my recommendations.

  1. Codecademy Python track: sign up (free) with Codecademy and learn Python piece-by-piece.
  2. Learn Python The Hard Way: using the online HTML book (or spend $$ for extras).
  3. Project Euler: set yourself some of the challenges from Project Euler.

[Update: 06 Jan 2013]

Here’s #4:

Four things from Ofsted

A summary of what ofsted say they want from Scenes From The Battleground.

  1. Planning to provide a framework for lessons.
  2. Reflective teachers who acknowledge that teaching is a learning process.
  3. Perceptive people that can adapt to optimise a learning episode (and change their carefully made plans when needed).
  4. Measuring your success on whether measurement shows students making (rapid) progress.
  5. Resilience.

A good read. (This week I realise that I’m struggling with #5).

OECD on supporting new teachers

The OECD EducationToday has a post on supporting new teachers. They looked at the relatively high attrition rate for new teachers (around 10% leave the profession within the first three years of teaching) and found the new teachers confidence in their own abilities was likely to be a major contributing factor.

The full Teaching in Focus brief is available from OECD as is the survey data on which the findings were based.