EdSurge on Edmodo

EdSurge comments on the new features in Edmodo released last week – with some interesting observations on the Edmodo business model:

It’s business model is also still a bit opaque. So far, Edmodo, which reaches close to 1 million teachers and 10 million users overall, continues to offer all its tools and resources to teachers for free. It charges companies that offer their products through its platform: Crystal Hutter, Edmodo’s COO, says that more than 250 publishers are offering free or premium apps through the Edmodo platform.

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The new features look…. okay. It’ll be interesting to see whether any of the students I use Edmodo with pick up on Insights (I don’t plan to flag it to them just yet). Right now, I’d settle for some decent resources management functionality in the Edmodo Library.

Windows Live Writer Fan Mail

Dear Windows Live Writer,

You really are a delight. I do hope you don’t disappear in the maelstrom of Windows 8. I must say I do fear for your safety, the reports of your future are really quite troubling…

Windows Live Writer is missing from this post completely.


Bloggers plead for Windows Live Writer’s life


The Windows Live Writer blogging software, however, was not mentioned. Though never wildly popular, it remains much loved by its users.


Do hang in there, if only to give me one more reason not to jump.

Kind Regards.