RSS feeds of Twitter streams

Having discovered EdSurge Iโ€™ve been rather enjoying their content. I was hoping it would replace the combination of Ars Technica / TechCrunch / Engadget that I turn to first in the RSS reader.

Unfortunately not. I couldnโ€™t find an RSS feed, which turned out to be because there isnโ€™t one.


Not to worry I thought, maybe I can subscribe to an RSS feed of their Twitter updates. Turns out you can, but not as easily as clicking on a button in Twitter, instead you need to construct a URL like this:

where youโ€™d replace โ€˜aiddyโ€™ with the Twitter screen name of the feed you want (omitting the @ symbol).

Here’s a little tool to make it easier to generate RSS feed URLs (and this explains why the tool isn’t embedded in this post). Enjoy.