What’s #remember

Sometimes I tweet something with the #remember hash tag.

That’s a tag that get’s caught by If This Then That to archive the tweet as a delicious bookmark. Other hash tags in the tweet get converted to delicious tags. Yumm.

It’s a neat way to archive stuff without hoping you’ll be able to search back through twitter for it…


RSS feeds of Twitter streams

Having discovered EdSurge I’ve been rather enjoying their content. I was hoping it would replace the combination of Ars Technica / TechCrunch / Engadget that I turn to first in the RSS reader.

Unfortunately not. I couldn’t find an RSS feed, which turned out to be because there isn’t one.


Not to worry I thought, maybe I can subscribe to an RSS feed of their Twitter updates. Turns out you can, but not as easily as clicking on a button in Twitter, instead you need to construct a URL like this:


where you’d replace ‘aiddy’ with the Twitter screen name of the feed you want (omitting the @ symbol).

Here’s a little tool to make it easier to generate RSS feed URLs (and this explains why the tool isn’t embedded in this post). Enjoy.