Clay Shirky

Clay Shirky: How cognitive surplus will change the world

Iโ€™d watched this talk ages ago and it had lain in the back of my mind, resurfacing from time to time, but the details frustratingly forgotten.

Not matter what Google-fu I tried, I couldnโ€™t conjure it back out of the interwebz. I began to suspect Iโ€™d misremembered it.

But today I rediscovered it. And itโ€™s the manner of the rediscovery thatโ€™s interesting.

I wanted to include a video by Douglas Rushkoff, on his book Program or Be Programmed, in some material for year 8 students thinking about their transition into year 9.


The video supports a book.

Rushkoffโ€™s website for the book links to Amazon to purchase.

The Amazon page had a section for ‘People that bought this also boughtโ€ฆโ€™

In that section was a link to Cognitive Surplus: How Technology Makes Consumers into Collaborators by Clay Shirky.

The link to Cognitive Surplus triggered a bunch of neurons and a quick search for โ€˜Cognitive Surplus Clay Shirkyโ€™ landed me on the long forgotten page.