Internet access good for teenagers?

A while back I looked at the ONS data for internet access in the UK which showed continued growth in the proportion of internet connected households.

Last month, to coincide with the publication of Teenagers and Technology, the University of Oxford put out a press release with details of a study into the impact of the lack of internet access on teenagers. The headline conclusion is that those without net access are ‘educationally disadvantaged’:

Behind the statistics, our qualitative research shows that these disconnected young people are clearly missing out both educationally and socially

It goes on to assert that the benefits of internet access outweigh the disadvantages that parents often focus on.

Not that I’d ever fall into that category…

Want the wifi pwd 4 today? Unload the d’washer; make your beds; tidy your rooms; take out the trash. #generationz #parents

Measuring Work Life Balance

This work-life balance thing, as Jon would say, feels like one big fail for 2012.

Jon was, doubtless still is, good at finding fails. Even better, he had a big fat roll of fail stickers to suitably annotate any fails he came across.


But, in today’s analytical world, experience and feeling is no longer enough. You need to be able to measure and prove that it’s a fail. How else would you know if things are improving next year? How else can you set yourself targets? How else can you demonstrate that you’re performing above national floor standards for work-life balance?

No worries. We can measure anything.

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Scraping the Flood (or another reason to code)

The River Thames has spilled into the flood plain (which is what flood plains are for) and the local footpaths now look like this:

Thames flooding between Benson and Wallingford

Being generally inquisitive, and also wondering when I’ll be next able to walk into Wallingford, it would be useful to know whether the river is rising or falling. Is there an easier way that walking down to the river every couple of hours with a depth gauge?

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