Developing *in* the Browser

For various reasons I’ve been experimenting with services that allow students to develop *and run* code in the browser.

Actually, I don’t really mean run *in* the browser – there’s Javascript for that and things that can do runtime conversion to javascript (like Objective-J or Processing.JS). Rather I mean a browser-based development environment that enables students to code, run and debug anytime, anywhere, __without installing local software__.

Here’s some options I’ve looked at…

All the above avoid the need for local software install, the only requirement is an up-to-date browser (we have IE9 and Chrome installed on all student computers).

Currently, we’re using Koding with a Y12 group on a BTEC Web Server Scripting unit using PHP and MySQL. So far, so good. A big plus is the ability for students to carry on at home from where they left off in class. We’ll see how it goes…



Here’s some other options:

  • WriteCodeOnline: is a simple way to test snippets of Javascript and PHP code.
  • JsFiddle: for Javascript with HTML and CSS (with support for a wide range of Javascript frameworks).


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