If the USA doesn’t rank highest in education league tables what does that tell us about education?

Gregory Ferenstein writing in TechCrunch asserts that:

The United States is the “dominant economic and innovative force in the world”.

and that:

During that time the United States has never ranked at the top of international education comparisons.


“schools don’t prepare students for the real world”

I couldn’t get my head around that at first but then I realised I was reading it as “schools fail at preparing students for the real world” but it was written as “it’s not schools that prepare students for the real world”.

That’s a big mind flip.

Before going further, there’s an obvious but implicit caveat to Ferenstein’s comments: he is talking about ‘the real world’ as tech-focused industry in the USA.

How could it be that the USA has dominated if this is the case? Ferenstein notes a couple of things, including the reliance of the tech industry in the USA on overseas educated talent (like me…) and the relatively high performance of the best students.

Maybe it’s also that the things measured for the international comparisons aren’t the same as the things that are needed to build and sustain a vibrant science and technology sector?

Worth a  read; and a ponder.

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