GCSE Computer Science

There’s a raft of noise about new courses for September 2012 for ‘computing’ and ‘computer science’ (see Terminology).

  • WJECs new GCSE Computer Science specification is now available, including PDF versions of the specification and sample assessment materials.
  • Details of the AQA GCSE Computer Science course are available with supporting materials.
  • Edexcel GCSE in Computer Science. No documentation available. Originally slated for September 2012 start, the FAQ now says September 2013.
  • OCR GCSE Computing (first ran in 2010). And Susan Robson’s text book on Lulu.

For 2012 we’re already committed to providing the Edexcel GCSE in ICT and a Level 2 BTEC in Information and Creative Technology but I’m keen to develop the foundation to support delivering computer science so I’ll be watching how those courses develop with interest 🙂

Update [20120820]

(thanks @mylegoman)

Update [20120830]

(thanks @sccompton)

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